AUDIO: Reggie Bonds – “Here’s A Rap Tape.. Hope It Helps”

While being one of the more prominent hip hop artists in Milwaukee and expanding beyond the city, Reggie Bonds has been through his share of ups and downs. With that said, in a week’s time, Bonds released a track for every day, along with an accompanying visual, and that comes together in “Here’s A Rap Tape.. Hope It Helps”, his new project. Bonds speaks his truth on each track, with a conscious flow that he has become more known for in recent years. From a more backpack feel on “The Black Man Plight” to the more chilled out “Ode To The Troubled Man”, Bonds puts his innermost thoughts with no holding back on this project, and it’s one of his more heartfelt projects to date. Check out “Here’s A Rap Tape.. Hope It Helps” below:

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