AUDIO: Marques Carson – “Not By Sight”

For many artists, there’s a reality of putting in hours and hours of hard work chasing a dream, only to realize that there’s much more work to put in. That’s the moment that Milwaukee artist Marques Carson depicts on his latest project, “Not By Sight”. The title track instructs you to “walk by faith, not by sight”, which fits the feel of the rest of the release. It’s not about seeing results, but trusting yourself and your abilities, and Carson embodies that thought process with some swagger-filled tracks that follow. While you might assume that means that he would lean towards just riding the beat, you’d be mistaken, as Marques gets busy with verses about his determination to be great on each track. Marques Carson is still grinding away, doing the necessary work to make his name known, but projects like this speed up the process greatly. Check out “Not By Sight” below:

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