Will Pfrang and the Good Land Gang Bring it to Fire on Water Once Again

Fire on Water had a full house Saturday evening as Milwaukee pop rock trio Will Pfrang and the Good Land Gang played a three-hour set chock-full of everything from originals to jangle-pop flavored covers of Tom Petty, Looking Glass, Prince, and more.

The Good Lang Gang is fronted by Port Washington singer-songwriter and guitarist Will Pfrang, while Green Bay bassist Jack Fricke and Lodi drummer Garit Schmidt consist “the gang.” The boys first began jamming together in early 2018 when Pfrang and Schmidt became roommates.

“The energy tonight was absurd,” Pfrang said post-show. “We got started around nine o’clock and there were very few people here right at the beginning, and just like a wave right around 9:20 we had about a hundred people rush the bar.”

The group dropped their debut extended play “The Good Land, Pt. 1” last summer and has received airplay from over eighty college radio stations across the country with their lead single “Champagne Happiness.”

Although three hours may seem like an excruciatingly long time, the band is used to being the prolonged entertainment.

“Playing such a long set is like a marathon,” Pfrang chuckled. “It allows you to get into a flow that a forty-five minute set wouldn’t necessarily allow you to.”

The boys’ sound has been described as blue-eyed soul and indie rock, embellished by Pfrang’s ubiquitously rich and buttery voice. While in an era of pop where many people the boys’ age listen to primarily hip hop and electronic dance music, Fricke weighs in on the how the band plays a stylistically broad array of pop covers in order to be most personable.

“The challenge we’ve decided to take on as a band is to take more unorthodox covers and perform them in our own style,” Fricke said. “We cover songs you wouldn’t expect from a pop rock band, such as Kid Cudi, Calvin Harris, and Alicia Keys.”

“We talk about it in our first single, Luckiest Man, with the line “Can you still make hits with an electric guitar?” Pfrang said. “What people need more than anything in music is some honesty, and coming out with quality rock that blows peoples’ minds is what we’re about.”

Will Pfrang and the Good Land Gang plan for 2019 to be full of new music and plenty of opportunities to perform for audiences old and new.

“Right now we’re focused on releasing the second part of the Good Land,” Pfrang explained. “Hopefully by the end of the summer we’ll be ready to release the third part. It will be a modern Bruce Springsteen kind of thing.”

The band is opening for Nashville alt-rock band Krantz at Bremen Cafe on March 8th.

“Milwaukee came to party last night, no doubt,” Fricke said.

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