AUDIO: Tyso SPRME Featuring Camb – “Pretty Penny”

At this point, it’s pretty much established that just about anybody on the Vogel Park roster can put out a strong track that will become must-listen material. That’s the case for the latest from Tyso SPRME, “Pretty Penny”. Featuring production from Hyperviolet, and a guest verse from one of the strongest players on the Park team, Camb, the track is a love song with a higher energy than most. While SPRME’s delivery has some swagger to it, lyrically, the track has a different feel than most songs with that particular style of flow. Camb adds an autotune-heavy verse that includes some falsetto work, which compliments Tyso’s verse well. Vogel Park has no end to their run in sight, so check out their latest with “Pretty Penny” below:

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