AUDIO: J.O.S.E. – “Raising Kings And Queens”

While you may know him behind the camera as CTM Films, Milwaukee artist J.O.S.E. is making a more concerted effort to get behind the microphone this year, and that starts with his new album, “Raising Kings & Queens”. The release is eleven tracks of pure hip hop, with a unique blend of South Side influences that put a new spin on golden era rap. While J.O.S.E. is a natural on the mic, we also get collaborations with Yo-Dot, Nate Brady, Trunk Bussa, and Danny Zuko, making for an eclectic mix of styles that pop up throughout the project. While a whole batch of newer names are making their way to the forefront of Milwaukee hip hop, J.O.S.E. is definitely making a case for his name to push up to that level with this album. Check out “Raising Kings & Queens” below:

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