AUDIO: Zed Kenzo – “Astral Girl”

If there’s anything to be optimistic about in 2019, it’s getting consistent music from (and the imminent rise of) Zed Kenzo. Shortly after her extra-catchy “Go Psycho” was unleashed to the world, we get “Astral Girl”, an even bolder, brasher single. The track starts with some extra hard bass, and the tempo picks up as the song goes on, switching things up mid-track. We know that as one of the initial four Backline artists, Zed has spent a crazy amount of time in the studio. We’re starting to see the products of that hard work, and you can hear that below with “Astral Girl”.

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  • I’m on my school’s newspaper, and I’m including it in my favorite tracks of the month because it’s sooooooo good. I’m currently playing it out lol, but I don’t think I’ll get sick of it.

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