AUDIO: Mvgic – “Magnum Opus”

A host of new artists are looking to break out in 2019, and among those names, Milwaukee rapper Mvgic is making a strong impression with his debut album, “Magnum Opus”. The project is ten tracks, completely produced by Vertical, that blends contemporary hip hop-friendly beats with Mvgic’s determined flow. There’s a variety of subjects and flows on the album, covering lavish lifestyles on tracks like “Penthouse” and “Lounge” to tougher tracks like “Stay Up” and “Sly Cooper”. While having a range is important, Mvgic proves that he is able to bounce from style to style with ease, and is able to deliver solid verses throughout the project. We’re definitely on notice from Mvgic with this release, and you can hear what is coming for Milwaukee in the near future with “Magnum Opus” below:

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