VIDEO: WeUpNexxt Fresh & WeUpNexxt Great – “Lil Bit”

Milwaukee’s underground hip hop scene, which largely gained popularity due to clips on YouTube, had a tremendous 2018. Two of the artists looking to make a breakout from that scene in 2019 are WeUpNexxt Fresh and WeUpNexxt Great, who recently dropped the TeeGlazedIt-directed video for “Lil Bit”. Featuring production from Emazon that brings plenty of bounce, the duo get their respective verses off on the track with ease. The clip features the pair of rappers literally playing with money in a back room, because when you have money, well, why the hell not? We’ll look for more from both WeUpNexxt rappers as the year progresses, but tap in to what the duo have been cooking up with “Lil Bit” below:

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