AUDIO: Lik – “Fleece Sweats Demo”

Finding your voice, especially in hip hop, can be difficult. With so many intricate subgenres and styles, it is often difficult for new artists to determine early on what type of rapper that they want to be. That’s the dilemma that Milwaukee artist Lik faces on his new project, “Fleece Sweats Demo”. An intriguing factor of a lot of new artists’ early projects is that you get to hear the development of a sound materialize over the course of the body of work, and that is definitely the case on this album. Lik has bars that can lean towards being a swagger rapper, and can also name drop Floetry over soul samples and get lyrical as well. This project is definitely a feeling out process, and though it can be a bit all over the place at times, that’s the theme of the release; finding your voice. Check out Lik’s development with “Fleece Sweats Demo” below:

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