AUDIO: Unfinished Legacy Co.’s “Cronytape Vol. 1”

It’s one thing to come in the door with a strong impression, and its another energy altogether to bust down the door with an entire team. The latter is the case with a new mixtape from Unfinished Legacy Co. and DJ The Jenius, “Cronytape Vol. 1”. Featuring appearances from DJ, Poohbreezy, Ed Wingard, ADHD, Lake, Marty., Trav Pacino, Arthur 2Hi, No B, and Eli $tones, the tape is a showcase of some of the next generation of Milwaukee hip hop artists, dead set on taking over the city’s local hip hop scene.

Personally, it’s refreshing to see the compilation mixtape format coming back. The tape has a cohesive feel to it, and is a great introduction to a host of young artists coming out of the city. From the sound of things, there’s much more coming from the Cronies in the near future. If you missed the “Cronytape Vol. 1” release party at Cactus Club, then you can stream the full mixtape below:

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