J’Moris Goes “Extra” on New EP

Extra EP Cover1

By Deuce

Texas born and bred J’Moris covers a lot of ground on his recently released Extra EP—which is saying something, since it’s only comprised of four cuts. Still, in less than 20 minutes the hip hop artist seamlessly transitions from trap to RnB, throws in some good ol’ boom bap in case you didn’t think he could, and comes back out again at the titty bar or the club, depending on your personal preference.

The hardest track of the set is “Not At All”, where J goes in over a breezy piano loop accentuated by thunderous kicks and claps that prove the perfect setting for recounting the hardships of his early years. It’s the only song he flexes his full vocal dexterity on, cramming in syllables, phrases and rhymes with a speed belying the laid back feel of the remainder of the EP.

When not reminiscing on the tough times of yesterday, he goes at (and stays at) the yams something serious, perhaps none more so than on “Misbehave”. Made for the bedroom or the back seat of the ‘Lac—he is a Texan, after all—J trades in his chops for smooth Jodeci type crooning…and damn near pulls it off. He’s got the babes riding the wave of sharp pianos and triple or quadruple time high hats, making it perfectly obvious who, and what, this one’s for.

“Extra” is arguably the most ambitious outing of the set, couched in the spacey, futuristic sonic stylings of producer SupaMario. J weaves in and out of his bars with a lazy flow characteristic of his delivery for most of the EP (except for on “Not At All”) while not straying too far from the recurring motif of the young ladies. “I got too many baby mamas,” he laments at one point and, with the subject matter throughout these tunes, it’s not hard to understand why.

The point is readily reinforced on “Speed Boat”, a graphic exposition of every man’s fantasy. By far the most upbeat selection of the collection, this one’s sure to have the babes twirking and neeyahs hitting up their wallets, socks, or wherever else they got it. On this track, as well as on the rest of the EP, nobody can say J’s not giving the people exactly what they want. The harder questions are what is that, exactly, and why? Maybe he’ll tackle that subject on his next release.

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