AUDIO: Lah-Kid – “Lamborghini Super”

Milwaukee has an underrated gem of a veteran emcee in Lah-Kid. The North Side rapper has been around for several years, with a slew of content and a distinctive raspy flow that fits well with the tough, street-friendly tracks that he puts out. The latest EP from Lah, “Lamborghini Super”, pits the artist up against contemporary trap beats with a confident flow as his weapon of choice. While many artists would do something more simplistic with the production on this EP, Lah-Kid uses this to showcase the energy of hip hop when he was first emerging; a time when delivery and actual bars were more prominent from artists determined to make it out of the city. Centered around single “MDA” that features Ray Rizzy, this project shows that Lah-Kid hasn’t lost a step, and is reliable for a certified street anthem when called upon to deliver. Check out “Lamborghini Super” below:


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