VIDEO: Twan Mack – “A Rap Song”

If you’ve ever been around Twan Mack, you know that the man embodies hip hop to its core. That being said, it doesn’t take long for you to catch the spirit of his music, and he doesn’t need a long time to show you what he’s all about. Yesterday, Twan released a new song and video, aptly named “A Rap Song”, that clocks in at 1:45 total, but drives home the essence of Twan Mack, Kareem City, and what he’s truly all about. With visuals from Abacus Haley, the animated flow and delivery from Mack truly does get, well, animated, and gives his rhymes another dimension altogether. We know that Twan Mack isn’t putting the microphone down anytime soon, so there’s much more where this comes from. In the meantime, check out the video for “A Rap Song” below:

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