AUDIO: TrashMan Shunny – “Smokin’ Dope In South America / The Legend of The TrashMan”

Many people don’t realize the reality of being an artist that makes introspective work; it’s a tough task to put out content relative to your true emotions and feelings and unleash that to the world. That is, however, what Hiii Tribe emcee Trashman Shunny did on his latest double-album, “Smokin’ Dope In South America / The Legend Of The TrashMan”. The first half of the 15-track project deals largely with finding out who Shunny truly is, and lyrically mentions dealing with tough topics such as depression and anxiety. Part two is comprised of more swagger-filled tracks, showcasing a different side of the artist that we were just introduced to. There’s a lot going on here, but Shunny manages to put it together into a cohesive project, though, with features from King Myles, Sha, Juicy, and JaySEA into the mix for some added flavor. From a sonic perspective, Trashman Shunny is still finding his voice as an artist, and considering that he is a relatively new face to the local hip hop scene, the music reflects that. This project is in many ways a step over those hurdles, and a proper introduction to Shunny as a person and an artist. Check out “Smokin’ Dope In South America / The Legend Of The TrashMan” below:


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