AUDIO: Mic Kellogg – “Make This Last”

In a city where many people are looking to create their own lane, only a select few have truly managed to do so to the extent that Mic Kellogg has. The melodic, experimental hip hop artist released his latest EP, “Make This Last” earlier this month, and while we may have missed it until now, it is truly a gem in its own right. With laid-back, reclusive sounding beats, Kellogg has found the perfect palette for his vocal melodies with strong production. There’s a certain pop appeal to Kellogg’s vocals, with a vocal inflection similar to buzz-building acts like Skizzy Mars and “Acid Rap” era Chance The Rapper. The potential for Mic Kellogg to explode is definitely abundant, and you can hear that on “Make This Last”. Check out the EP below:

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