AUDIO: Taiyamo Denku & Amerikas Addiction – “Idiosyncratic”

While the new school of Milwaukee hip hop are making some noise as of late, a duo of acts with years on years of experience have a new project that could get just as loud. Taiyamo Denku and Amerikas Addiction are no stranger to the Milwaukee music scene, and today marks the release of “Idiosyncratic”, a new joint EP with six collaborations. From a style perspective, it’s an odd choice; as AA have a more commercial-ready approach to music, and Denku has a noted history of bringing lyrical content that gets hip hop heads nodding. The end result, however, is not unlike a sweet-yet-savory food pairing, as the two compliment each other well. Neither Amerikas Addiction nor Taiyamo Denku are strangers to hard work, so expect them to carry this momentum into 2019, but you can check out “Idiosyncratic” below:


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