AUDIO: Myndd – “Anatomy Of An Adolescent”

Even if they were the biggest act in Milwaukee, it would feel as though people are still sleeping on Phat Nerdz. The collective is made up of several talented emcees, and all of them can shine on their own. A prime example of that is the debut album from Myndd, “Anatomy Of An Adolescent”. In today’s world, it’s rare that a 17-track release can hold your attention, but this project keeps your head nodding from start to finish. To put it bluntly, Myndd raps his ass off on this release, and combined with production from the likes of Mike Regal, Deonte Neely, Blizz McFly, Big Beat MKE competitor Mike-A-Knight and more, there’s a mixture of swagger and substance from start to finish. To compliment that, there’s also features from fellow Phat Nerdz Nile and Mayyh3m, as well as Larry Bull and Sharrod Sloans. “Anatomy Of An Adolescent” is a statement project that Myndd as well as the rest of Phat Nerdz are here to make an impact, and this debut is one that will stay in your rotation for a while. Check out the album below:

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