AUDIO: Taiyamo Denku Featuring KRS-One & Pozlyrix – “Once Again”

If you have a soft spot for classic hip hop (as you should), the latest drop from Taiyamo Denku featuring the legendary KRS-One & Pozlyrix is exactly what you need in your life. “Once Again” is a true hip hop gem, with all three artists holding things down in a cypher-like collaboration over strong cuts and production from DCypha. The beat features a killer saxophone sample that’ll make you want to break out the Flavor Flav dance moves, but more importantly, keep you nodding your head as Denku, KRS, and Pozlyrix all deliver bars that help form a backpacker’s dream track. The track comes from Denku’s “No Industry Standard”, which in its own right is a very stellar hip hop project. Check out “Once Again” below:


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