AUDIO: Twan Mack Featuring Dame Ellzey – “Talk Show”

If you’ve ever seen Twan Mack live, you know his new single, “Talk Show”. The track, featuring Twan Mack and Dame Ellzey spitting heavy bars over a contemporary trap beat has become a staple of their live set, and the recorded version captures that energy as well. Both emcees touch on different topics on the track, with Mack talking about the streets, and Ellzey discussing the infiltration of political organizations such as the Black Panthers. While doing this, both Twan and Dame showcase the natural talent that have made them prolific artists to this point. While the sound and style may be updated, both Twan Mack and Dame Ellzey are able to adapt the spirit of rap’s golden era for today’s audience. Hear that for yourself on “Talk Show” below:

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