AUDIO: Shungudzo – “Paper”

Zimbabwean born artist Shungudzo is much more than your average pop singer. At a young age, the singer, musician, and poet moved to the United States with her family. She didn’t lose sight of her heritage, though, as you can hear on her debut single, “Paper”. Now residing in Los Angeles, the track has a feel of both her current and former home, combining pop and electronic music with a bit of a world music flare. Lyrically, “Paper” is just what you might expect it to be about, money. However, the perspective is one that addresses pursuing money while losing happiness along the way. The track, though, is still upbeat and very dancefloor-friendly which may help Shungudzo attract a lot of paper in the near future. Her debut EP is in the works, and more music is on the way before the year end as well, but you can get introduced to Shungudzo with “Paper” below:

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