Breaking And Entering’s Five To Watch: August 2018

As a Milwaukee-based music website, it is our obligation to not only bring Milwaukee to the world, but bring the world to Milwaukee, as well. Five To Watch submissions are handled exclusively through ReverbNation.

The summer has flown by, but there’s still a ton of great music being submitted for our Five To Watch feature via Reverbnation.

Ugly Boys (Ogden, UT)

With a knack for creating fun, attractive pop, Utah natives Ugly Boys can make bright summer jams with ease. With only four singles out, the band is relatively new, but definitely finding their feet quickly. If you’re a fan of acts like Foster The People, or new wave acts that turned heads in the early 80s, this might be your jam and then some. Take a listen to the band’s single, “Speak Easy” and see for yourself:


Thoughts (Palm Beach, FL)

Florida band Thoughts have a lot of momentum heading in the right direction at the moment. The band has already played several big stages, including festival gigs at Lollapalooza, as well as a tour of the east coast under their belt. The band also is signed to Mint 400 Records, and this is all within their first year of forming. The band has a lo-fi, fuzzy appeal to their sound, and songs like “Figure It Out” make it easy to get hooked on the band. There are big things on the way, but you can check them out below:


Galaxzi (Asheville, NC)

It takes a lot to make something unique, and that’s exactly what Galaxzi does with her brand of alternative pop, which she has dubbed sci-pop. With only a little over half of a year after establishing herself as an artist, Galaxzi has a lot of raw talent that materializes on tracks like “Crystalize”. With a combination of sultry vocals, synth driven beats, and a edgy guitar for an added dimension, there’s a lot happening within her songs for a new artist. There’s definitely a lot of potential, and you can hear that on the track below:


John Cody And The Future Rivals (Portland, OR)

Singer/multi-instrumentalist John Cody grew up in North Carolina, but moved to Portland before forming John Cody And The Future Rivals, a band that blurs the lines between indie rock and country. Cody got his start performing in a North Carolina church before bouncing around his local garage band circuit. His work with The Future Rivals is incredibly strong, though, as you can hear on tracks like “TV II”. The band is centered around dynamic songwriting and technical skill, and that comes out when you hear the final product. Check out the song below:


Tree Fiddy (Toronto, Ontario, Canada)

It’s hard to deny the skill that Toronto emcee Tree Fiddy has on the microphone. The emerging rapper is a product of the Toronto underground hip hop scene, with a gritty flow that focuses on toughness over lyrical flexing. Tree Fiddy dropped out of school in January 2017 to pursue music full time, with a confidence that comes out within his verses. You can hear that skill and tough delivery on full display with “Poison” below:


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