VIDEO: BUHU – “La Truth”

Austin based indie pop duo BUHU has made their rounds over the last few years, including a previous stop at Cactus Club with GGOOLLDD in 2015. The band is set to conquer new ground, however, with the release of their debut album, “Tenets”, which is due out this September on FMF Records. In advance of that release, the band unveiled the video for the first single, “La Truth” on Wednesday. The song is a dreamy, glossy track that demonstrates what has made the band popular in a live setting. The accompanying video features a full commitment from a muddy Jeremy Rogers, with a literal take on the song’s theme of wiping away dishonesty and other character flaws. Look for more when “Tenets” comes out on September 5th, but get a primer with the video for “La Truth’ below:

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