RECAP: 2018 Pitchfork Music Festival Day 2

By Gabby Powell

Pitchfork Festival day 2 featured the most indie-inclined lineup. Many smaller name bands and artists made the journey to Chi town to showcase their talent and grow their audience. The story of the day was growth, artists who have grown quickly and those who will surely do so in the coming years.

jpg-1Nilüfer Yanya played intimate songs for a mildly interesting set. The highlight of the performance was definitely the prominent saxophone, but Yanya shows that they have the guitar chops and vocal skill to push their performance to the next level. Given the chance, I would love to see them again in the coming years and see where the experience takes them.

Circuit des Yeux bounced between slow and soothing and rhythmically-inclined. Their style was an interesting fit, but given the focus on underground music, isn’t surprising. Vocalist Haley Fohr produced low and unsettling tones usually reserved for the PA at a haunted house. Listen, the experimental folk scene may not be for me, but I appreciate what they were trying to do here.


Moses Sumney showcased a more approachable style during their set. Offset by an amazing black, flowy jumpsuit and a spaceship-resembling microphone stand, the music attracted many fans to Pitchfork’s Green Stage. Sumney has shown tremendous growth since 2014’s self-released Mid City. The artist didn’t need to rely on antics to keep the crowd mesmerized, the music accomplished that of its own accord.



Girlpool, the LA-based indie rockers, have grown musically and as people since they started out. The musical chemistry between Harmony Tividad (bass) and Cleo Tucker (guitar) is palpable. The two have taken their music all around the world and brought that experience back to Chicago for this performance. The two were all smiles even while performing some of their darker music. Tucker’s vocal performance leaves it all on the stage. The connection between the musicians and the crowd felt more physical than metaphorical and it’s no surprise that I will definitely be seeing them again.

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