AUDIO: Raze – “Standing In Motion”

If you didn’t know, Milwaukee emcee Raze is a veteran artist that has likely seen more of the local hip hop scene than most will within the span of their careers. That being said, his output as of late has been reinvigorated, with the release of his second album within this calendar year, “Standing In Motion”. The album continues on in the vein of previous releases “Dreaming In Greyscale” and “Living In Technocolor”, in those projects not only share similar title formats, but also a retrospective of his outlook on the world at the time that they were created.

The newest release, however, holds a more refined, grown viewpoint than the previous projects, as well as January’s “Hail Mary”. The album starts on a profound note, with a spoken word intro and “Matthew 7:15 (Fighter)”, but then quickly escalates into higher energy tracks like the outspoken “Quesaritos and Potato Vodka” and the fired up “Overtime”. Continuing in the vein of recent single “Levels”, Raze manages to combine the contemporary with the elements of golden-era hip hop to give you the best of both worlds. If you can appreciate an album with substance, this one definitely deserves a spin. Check out “Standing In Motion” below:

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