VIDEO: Twan Mack Featuring IshDARR – “Can’t Quit”

While yes, he is also the host of our Big Beat MKE competition, Twan Mack of Kareem City is also preparing for the release of his upcoming album, “Only Child”. The latest glimpse of that project came on Thursday, as the video for a new collaboration with IshDARR, “Can’t Quit” debuted on legendary producer DJ Premier’s website. In the clip, Twan plays a professor teaching an unruly hip hop 101 class, save for Ish, his star student. Art imitates life here, as Twan Mack is truly a lifer when it comes to hip hop, and is now passing that knowledge on to the next generation while continuing to put out music. This is a solid look all the way around, and the hype is definitely building for “Only Child”. Check out the Brett Schmidt-directed clip for “Can’t Quit” below:

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