VIDEO: Coo Coo Cal Featuring Fee$ – “Home”

It didn’t seem like something we would ever say, but there’s a new Coo Coo Cal video out. In fact, there’s a lot more than the sporadic mentions that would hit your social media timeline coming from Cal this year. Tone Struck Entertainment is preparing for the release of a new documentary, “The Rise and Fall of Coo Coo Cal: The Untold Story”, and with that, Cal has a new single and video featuring Fee$, “Home”. The former chart topper of “In My Projects” fame is now making a solid go of it with a new track that plays as an homage to his hood, and the city that made him. We’ll learn more about the drug habit and street lifestyle that took his career at it’s peak in the documentary, but for now, let’s enjoy this for what it is. Much like the “In My Projects” video 17 years ago, “Home” gives you an authentic look at Milwaukee, but with a different perspective. There’s a certain pride about this visual, and it’s something to be embraced. Check out the video for “Home” below, and let’s hope that we get a lot more from Coo Coo Cal going forward.

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