REVIEW: Cheers To Milwaukee With The Record Company at the Riverside Theater



Within the week of the announcement of the second free, surprise Cheers to Milwaukee concert presented by MillerCoors, rumors increased steadily with potential bands to get the party going at the Riverside Theater. Coincidentally, Clearwing Productions posted a photo of the Steve Miller Band’s gear at their Milwaukee shop ahead of the band’s upcoming tour, the Violent Femmes start a tour this Monday, and Rev Pop posted a video of The Gufs rehearsing in Bay View on Instagram on the day of the show. That being said, when the lights went down and Manitowoc Minute star Charlie Berens took the stage to make the announcement, it was The Record Company hitting the stage.

The crowd roared, and frontman (Milwaukee native) Chris Vos knew just what to do to keep their energy up. The band launched into their single, “Baby I’m Broken”, and Vos bounced around the stage in the early parts of the set, captivating a crowd that was likely a mixture of Record Company fans and first time listeners. It was definitely a team effort; bassist Alex Stiff contributed with a bending bass solo, and drummer Marc Cazorla brought the intensity with pounding back beats. On individual talent alone, the band shined.

The set list also not only consisted of original material, but the hour-plus show included covers both conventional and unconventional, including the Rolling Stones’ “Jumpin’ Jack Flash” and the Beastie Boys’ “So Whatcha Want”. Regardless of the musical tastes of the fans at the Riverside Theater on Friday night, there was at the very least something to appreciate in The Record Company’s live show. While it is looking like a surprise Cheers to Milwaukee concert could become an annual tradition, shows like this are undoubtedly memorable. The Record Company provided the soundtrack to that memory on Friday night.

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