AUDIO: B.C. The Hybrid – “Half Empty”

The next wave of young talent is making names for themselves in Milwaukee, and the latest release from B.C. The Hybrid is a great example of what’s to come for the city’s hip hop scene. While many artists draw influence from mainstream contemporary hip hop, “Half Empty” seems to lean more towards the side of upcoming internet-notable rappers like Lil Pump and XXXTentacion. In fact, the release includes production from Slight Beats, who has worked with Lil Pump, and Big Los, a previous collaborator with Lil B. A variety of vocal styles are heard on the album, as well, with cameos from Suki!, $uicideboy$, and Kay P, respectively. When it is all assembled, “Half Empty” gives us a glimpse into what to expect in forthcoming years from Milwaukee hip hop. Check out the album below:


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