AUDIO: Klassik Featuring Jay Anderson, SistaStrings, and Lorde Fredd33 – “Restraint”

Being incredibly talented is one thing, but having incredibly talented friends is even better sometimes. Klassik is back with a new release, and it features Jay Anderson, SistaStrings, and Lorde Fredd33, creating an variable who’s who of talented Milwaukee acts within one track. “Restraint” is a showcase for all of these acts, creating an incredibly smooth, layered beat with Klassik leading the way. There’s roaring saxophone lines, intricate string work, and a strong guest verse from Fredd33. It all comes together and just works. According to Bandcamp, this track was recorded last summer. With that in mind, who knows what else Klassik has in the vault, but this will leave you dying to find out. Check out “Restraint” below:

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