AUDIO: Kash Diver – “Dead Frenemies”

Kash Diver has gone through a lot to make it to the follow up of 2015’s “Art of Drug Slaying” project. A car crash was a tremendous setback for the Milwaukee artist, who is currently gearing up for a new EP, “Wires Out My Face”, set to release later this year. We get a glimpse of what’s on the way with “Dead Frenemies”, a new single produced by MoonAype. At one point, Diver was making some significant ground up when it came to his flow, and this track picks up from there. As the track goes on, you can hear some determination in his voice, eager to get to where he left off. Be on the look out for “Wires Out My Face” in the near future, and check out “Dead Frenemies” below:


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