Breaking And Entering’s Five To Watch: April 2018

As a Milwaukee-based music website, it is our obligation to not only bring Milwaukee to the world, but bring the world to Milwaukee, as well. Five To Watch submissions are handled exclusively through ReverbNation.

We’re moving through the year quickly, and as it finally turns to spring in Milwaukee, the music from around the world is heating up, as well. We’ve gotten thousands upon thousands of submissions in so far, and narrowing that down to five artists is never easy. Here are your Five To Watch powered by Reverbnation for April 2018:

Jordan Sleed (San Antonio, TX)

When you hear a natural talent like Jordan Sleed, you know it. The San Antonio native currently has a debut EP under his belt, and works hard on his craft, booking and promoting his own shows. Sleed plays both the ukulele and guitar, and blends pop, indie, blues, and much more into his songwriting. It all comes together as he finds his voice and sound, creating glistening tracks like “Moving Up, Moving Out”. Things look very bright for Sleed if discovered by the right people, and you can hear that here:


Fay, (London, England)

Mixing pop, R&B, and EDM, London artist Fay creates jams that are ready for the summer. Born in Switzerland, before moving to Jordan and then settling in London, she has been making music since a young age. On her 2017 debut EP, she uses her sultry voice well on electro-pop production, and tracks like “#CandyCrush” display the pop-radio friendly songwriting ability that she possesses. Simply put, Fay’s sound feels like steps toward the future of contemporary pop music, and you can hear that below:


Chasing Shadows (Rhyl, Wales)

Keeping things in the UK, Chasing Shadows are Wales natives with a sound that feels like the most fun summer festival set that you could imagine. The band manages to both lock in a groove at times, as well as bring explosive indie power to their songs, which is both a a testament to their performance as well as their songwriting ability. Tracks like their recent single, “Warning Signs”, sound like they should be performing on the biggest of stages, and within time, that might just be the fate for the band. Check out the single below:


SAD (New York, NY)

Despite their name, New York band SAD is anything but that. With an upbeat sound, and an abundance of irony, the band can turn your head within a few notes. The quirkiness of the band doesn’t end at their name, but rather lives in just about everything they do. With a song called “Mambo #6” and lyrics like “I wanna form a shitty rock band to rage against my father and his next of kin”, there’s a great deal of craftsmanship that goes into making the band stand out. You can either take them at face value as a fun sounding song, or appreciate the contrast of sadness juxtaposed with their happy sounding music. Either way, you can enjoy songs like “Mambo #6” below:


Cadence (Erie, PA)

It’s admittedly not often that EDM acts make their way into our monthly Five To Watch, but Erie, PA native Cadence has a sound that is nothing short of infectious. With hard driving, tight percussion, and a sense for melody that you can’t ignore, he creates songs that have the ability to be massive if given the right opportunity. Influenced by funk artists, Cadence manages to stand out in a genre that can at times feel cookie-cutter. You can hear that on jams like “Indelibility” below:

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