AUDIO: Viewtiful Jay – “High 1am, Asleep At 6”

It’s been a while since we’ve heard music from Viewtiful Jay, who you may know better as producer Ace Narukami. In fact, it’s been the better part of a year since his last tracks were released, but the Milwaukee artist is back with a new EP, “High 1am, Asleep At 6”. With four synth-heavy beats, both self produced and courtesy of Kream Team and Beto Beats, Jay shows that he hasn’t missed a step on the mic. The tracks were delayed in their release, and some tracks were even scrapped, due to Jay’s dissatisfaction from when they were originally recorded in early 2017. However, after some well-deserved time off, we have the project below. Check out “High 1am, Asleep At 6”:

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