AUDIO: Mitch Pe$Oz – “Unforgettable”

Mitch Pe$Oz stays on his grind. Recently, he put out “Unforgettable”, the third EP from the Milwaukee artist within the last calendar year. As he points out in the opener from the project, however, Mitch doesn’t have time to waste. “Unforgettable” is five new tracks from Pe$Oz, featuring production from five different producers: Macz Muzik, Vorhees, 318 Tae, Sammy P, and 2 Piece. Mitch puts his own unique take on all of them, with a delivery that is becoming more finely crafted on each drop. It’s only the beginning of the year for Mitch Pe$Oz, so there’s likely more in store, but check out the latest EP with “Unforgettable” below:

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