AUDIO: Strehlow, Ian Ewing, and SunBLVD – “Don’t Ride On The Sidewalk”

Two tracks would normally not constitute a solid new EP, but when the artists involved are Strehlow, Ian Ewing, and SunBLVD, the rules get rewritten a little bit. The trio collaborated for the “Don’t Ride On The Sidewalk” EP, featuring tracks “Ice Creams” and “Too Cool”. From a production standpoint, this is stellar, and vocally, SunBLVD conveys the exact feel needed for both songs. Combining downtempo pop, elements of tropical house, and a little bit of indie influence as well, the two tracks have a massive sound within them. We’ll be anticipating more from Ian Ewing and Strehlow, who when combined have the ability to craft magnificent pop tunes, but for now, check out the EP below:

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