AUDIO: YPN Rex – “Big Rex”

YPN Rex has had some legal issues in the past, but that’s not stopping his 2018 from starting with a new project, “Big Rex”. Featuring the self-explanatory singles “Back Home” and “First Day Off The Bracelet” to start things off, Rex is adamant that he hasn’t slowed down in his time away. There’s also plenty of additions to this tape, with features from fellow YPN members YPN Kes, YPN Merc, YPN Tommy T, and YPN Dougie, as well as Munch Lauren, FRE Bear, Lil Mexico, and Wonderbread Rie. With YPN Kes likely facing time away for legal issues of his own, it doesn’t seem like there’s anything stopping YPN from putting out plenty of new content in the meantime. We’ll see where things go from here, but for now, check out “Big Rex” below:

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