AUDIO: Kaleo – “IDNNB (I Don’t Need Nobody)”

Fresh faces are popping up all the time in the Milwaukee music scene, and one of the newest names could definitely make a solid impact with a different approach to his sound. Kaleo recently released “IDNNB (I Don’t Need Nobody)”, which puts together hip hop and R&B with a unique style of his own. Citing influence from Afro-Sheik Ghetto Priest, a socially conscious Milwaukee artist from the 90’s, Kaleo brings in smooth group vocals with well crafted delivery on his verses. The track comes from his upcoming debut EP, “Forced To Speak”, which is being prepared to drop early next year. It’ll be interesting to see how this unique approach to hip hop and R&B plays out in the course of a full project, but you can get a preview with “IDNNB” below:

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