AUDIO: Cochise – “The Art Of Slick Talk”

Certain sounds in hip hop are evergreen, in the sense that they could be dropped in almost any era and sound fairly contemporary for the time. The latest mixtape from Cochise, “The Art Of Slick Talk”, definitely falls into that category. The project consists of thirteen tracks, which according to Soundcloud are throwaways, yet sound as though they could fit into a more formal project and work just as well. There’s some soulful sample driven beats, as well as more uptempo tracks, but all in all, Cochise keeps his slick talk consistent throughout. This is a pure hip hop release, with features from YoungP, ROC Glenn, Meech’Lo, Mitch Pe$oz, Ray Luv, AMEAS, and Danzel Allen. If you are a fan of mid to late 90’s contemporary hip hop, you’ll love this tape. Check out “The Art of Slick Talk” below:

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