Johanna Rose & B~Free to Curate “Uncovered” Shows

Today the Pabst Theater Group announced their next two installments of the Uncovered series with Alverno College, with GuthrieUNCOVERED on February 9th and MJ-UNCOVERED on April 13th at Turner Hall Ballroom. As the names suggest, the concerts in the Uncovered series use local artists to create an interpretation of Woodie Guthrie and Michael Jackson’s music. It’s a great showcase of local musical talent to people that might not otherwise visit a local venue.

GuthrieUNCOVERED will be curated by Johanna Rose of local duo Nickel&Rose and will also feature appearances from Painted Caves, Klassik, Peter Mulvey, Abby Jeanne, Jordan Davis of Space Raft, Hello Death, Kendra Swanson, Chicken Wire Empire, Bo & Airo, Amanda Huff, Scott Hlavenka, Grasping at Straws, Josh Evert of The Fatty Acids, Ernest Brusubardis IV, Viktor Brusubardis,Sugar Ransom, and Ruth B8r Ginsburg.

MJ-Uncovered will be curated by B~Free, with appearances from Klassik, Arséne DeLay, Brian Dimetri, Cree Myles, Evan Lane, Jesse Weinberg, Jaleel Amir, Kyndal J., Lili K., Immortal Girlfriend, SistaStrings, Dailen Harris, Michaela Usher, Brit Nicole, WTCA, Cedric Gardner, Vee Adams, and Christopher Gilbert. The house band for the night will consist of Quinten Farr, Jay Anderson, Aram Feriants, Olen Franklin, Alan Harris, and Terry Harris Jr..

Both nights are going to be amazing nights of music, and interesting reinterpretations of some timeless artists. Click the links below for more information and tickets:

GuthrieUNCOVERED, curated by Johanna Rose

MJ-UNCOVERED, curated by B~Free


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