AUDIO: Lean – “Doctor’s Orders”

Milwaukee producer/rapper Lean is nothing short of a workhorse when it comes to producing new content for both himself and fellow local artists. His new EP, “Doctor’s Orders”, is the second project that he’s dropped this year, along with credits and collaborations on several other Milwaukee tracks, including all of the most recent Kane project, which came out a few weeks ago. The project is five tracks, with Lean holding down the lion’s share of the vocals, save for a featured verse from Kane on the final track, “Use Yur Head”. With plenty of trap elements in his production, there’s a lot of mid-tempo heat being dropped on this release, but you wouldn’t necessarily expect high energy from a rapper named Lean, either. In any case, Lean proves why he’s one of the harder working talents in the city, and the end product of that constant work comes out smooth as ever. Check out “Doctor’s Orders” below:

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