AUDIO: Taj Raiden – “Fall Into Place”

Taj Raiden is starting to generate a buzz within the Milwaukee music scene, with her aggressive trap-influenced sound turning heads on almost every live appearance. Recently, Taj’s latest single hit the internet; a hyped up banger entitled “Fall Into Place”. Produced by Deonte “Weekend” Neely, the track has a stupid amount of bounce to it, with a heavy bass reminiscent of The Cool Kids a la “Black Mags”. Taj does her fair share and then some, carrying the majority of the energy on the track in her voice. The track is contagious, and only the latest in a string of music from Taj that is helping get her name out. One way or another, Taj Raiden will be heard, and it’s tracks like “Fall Into Place” that help solidify her as one of the most promising new faces on the Milwaukee hip hop scene. Check out the track below:

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