VIDEO/AUDIO: IshDARR – “Foreplay” / “Moon Girl”

It’s officially IshDARR’s time to shine on a whole new level. This week, we got two new tracks from Ish, including one with visuals from Damien Blue. The video for “Foreplay” dropped first, with a different side of Ish being shown, as he slows things down for the ladies on the track. The track also features a catchy hook, and it wouldn’t be surprising to hear it catch local radio.

On Wednesday, we got even more IshDARR, with “Moon Girl” dropping, from the upcoming project courtesy of Parisian clothing brand and record label Maison Kitsune, “Kitsune Afterwork Vol. 1”. The track premiered via Complex, and Ish had plenty of good things to say about Milwaukee in the interview:

“For people who don’t know Milwaukee’s music scene, I like to say that it is in a good state right now. And everybody is working and pushing to really take it to the next level. I feel like just myself and a few others in the city. We have WebsterX, Munch Lauren. In every sector of the city right now, there’s literally somebody working and going hard and pushing that kind of [music], just the Milwaukee name. It’s amazing to see.

I was definitely a big break for it because I came into it extremely young and it worked. That gave the city a lot of love as far as the youth, that’s really where it starts. [We’re] really pushing. Everybody on some creative wave. We have talent, we just gotta learn how to unite, and everybody is grinding and it’s crazy. We are in a Milwaukee renaissance is what I say.”


Check out the full Complex interview by clicking here, and check out the video for “Foreplay”, as well as “Moon Girl” below:

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