AUDIO: New Wave Outlawz – “Only Posers Fall In Love”

While it is early in their run, it appears that the Arthaus Bando collective is intent on breaking down barriers wherever possible; choosing to create in the grey areas rather than black and white. That appears to be the case on the New Wave Outlawz new single, “Only Posers Fall In Love”, which isn’t quite a hip hop song, isn’t quite a pop song, and isn’t quite electronic music either. If there’s a Venn Diagram for hip hop and indie pop, this track is smack dab in the middle, featuring glistening pop production, then layered with synths and hip hop percussion. Spaidez and Deth bring their now signature deliveries to the track, and have a bit of an earworm in terms of the song’s hook, as well. It’s nothing short of very interesting to see where they go from here, and we should be able to do that soon, as they’ve been working rapidly on creating new music. Check out “Only Posers Fall In Love” below:

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