VIDEO: Godxilla – “We Got Old But We’re Still Good”

It’s not as often these days that something on the internet will put a smile on your face, but that’s definitely the case with Godxilla’s new video, “We Got Old But We’re Still Good”. If you don’t know the name Godxilla, you’re about to check out a video from a Milwaukee music veteran, who had his first recording sessions in the 80’s. Since 1999, he’s worked as the head of his own label, Ton Of Soul Records, and expanded his skill set to become the Lead Recording Instructor at Madison Media Institute. Godxilla recently released his new project, “Music Is Medicine II”, and you can check out the way too fun video for the first single below. We’ve already seen that “Music Is Medicine III” is in production, so get ready for a lot more music from the Ton Of Soul camp. Check out the video below:

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