Breaking And Entering’s Five To Watch – November 2017

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We’re in peak fall, and while there may be Christmas commercials on TV already, we have some early gifts for you, with five great artists to look out for. With a little bit of everything musically on this month’s list, it’s more of a Thanksgiving cornucopia than a bag of leftover candy corn. Have I made enough fall references yet? Okay. Here’s your Five to Watch Presented by JBL Professional for November 2017:

Fleeting Few (Portland, OR)

Nothing screams fall more than acoustically driven indie rock, and Portland’s Fleeting Few bring that, along with some catchy pop sensibilities as well. If you’re a fan of bands like Death Cab For Cutie, The Shins, or The Lumineers, this trio should be on your next playlist. The band recently released an EP, “Helmet For Heartbreak”, and are gigging around their home state of Oregon in support of that project. Check out their single “Kelsey” below:

The Ricky Fitts (Tempe, AZ)

Certain bands, when you hear them, just make you say “yes!”. Tempe quartet The Ricky Fitts is one of those bands, with a sound ready to jump out of the local and college radio scene and make their way to contemporary Top 40. If you like Walk The Moon and The Killers, this is a band that could easily fall onto your spectrum, and should, for that matter. All of the catchiness of the aforementioned bands is rolled into one, and songs like “Nightmare” from their debut album, “The Great Beyond” prove that. Check it out for yourself, and try to contain your inevitable dance party:

Kameechi (Jamaica, NY)

You can hear the drive in Kameechi’s voice. The Jamaica, Queens native has already picked up some impressive accolades, having tracks on New York City’s legendary Hot 97,  briefly having a deal with Mr. Porter aka Kon Artis of D12, and getting noticed by Funkmaster Flex. Deservingly so, as he manages to merge hip hop and pop, working in catchy hooks that make you want to sing along. The potential definitely exists for a radio friendly single to take his career to the elusive next level and beyond, as well. Kameechi is currently stacking records with some well known produers, and we’re looking to see what he does next. Check out “Better On My Own” to get a preview of what’s to come:

KiSMiT (Los Angeles, CA)

LA-based duo KiSMiT consider themselves an indie act, but one listen to them, and you can tell that they are so much more. The band is propelled by the immense vocal talent of frontwoman Carly Barnette, and the twangy guitar of Sebastian Reunert. If you listen to their single, “Cosmic Love”, you can hear elements of pop, disco, soul, funk, and I guess some indie rock as well. There’s enough of a variety to make you feel like you’re music player is set to shuffle within the context of the same song, but KiSMiT manage to weave genres together into an incredibly palatable blend. Check out “Cosmic Love” below:

Sittin Pretty (Bolton, England)

England is no stranger to their share of gritty, brash rock bands. In fact, it’s where the genre really found its attitude, with bands like The Rolling Stones and Black Sabbath, among countless others. Bolton rock n’ roll wanderers Sittin Pretty carry on in the spirit, style, and sound of those bands, with a hard-hitting, driving brand of music that blends classic rock, blues, and psychedelia. It’s the kind of band that you can’t turn off if you hear one of their songs on the radio. Experience them for yourself with “Take My Shoes” below:


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