INTERVIEW: Living Hour

While many bands tour domestically, it’s less frequent that bands tour from the US to Canada and vice versa, for a number of reasons. However, Winnipeg indie rockers Living Hour will be making their way to Riverwest Public House on Friday, November 10th with Sundial Mottos, Frankweiler, and Minnesota’s Sleeping Jesus. We caught up with the band, who are in the middle of a 16-date tour, to find out a little more about them ahead of the show:

B&E:  Introduce yourselves! Who are you?

LH: Living Hour from Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada!

B&E: For those that haven’t heard Living Hour before, what bands would you
say that you sound like?

LH: The Pastels, Heavenly, Mazzy Star, Bedhead, Duster, Beach House, The Smiths, Mojave 3 and  Tops.

B&E:  Have you guys ever played Milwaukee before?

LH: We have played Milwaukee twice! Once at Quarters, and once at Veggas Pub.

B&E:  What’s the hardest part of being a Canadian band touring the United

LH: Not enough salads!

B&E:  After this tour, what’s next for you guys?

LH: Finishing our new album and working on some videos.

B&E: Lastly, you’re playing Milwaukee. What’s your beer of choice?

LH: Schlitz!

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