Hoodie Allen Brings “The Hype” to The Rave

New-York born, superstar rapper Hoodie Allen returned to The Rave last Saturday October 14th, bringing new music and that classic fiery energy. Accompanied by rising star Myles Parrish and R&B god Luke Christopher, the night was one of explosive spirit.


Hoodie Allen, notorious for his mischievous stage antics and mischievous lyrics, is no stranger to Milwaukee- or Wisconsin at all for that matter. Back in 2015, he was selected as one of the headliners for UWM’s “Pantherfest”, where he freestyled a legendary track about his love for the city.  Just over two years later, he’s finally returned and was welcomed back with open arms and plenty of excited fans.

Just last month, Hoodie released his newest album The Hype, a fresh take on his classic, witty rap style. Though the record was dropped less than a month ago, it was obvious that the room knew every word to the brand new songs. Starting off his set with the album’s first track, “Believe”, Allen strutted confidently onto the stage as the room erupted and sang his lyrics back to him. Transitioning into “Sushi”, the cheers only grew louder as he pulled out a golden confetti gun and sprayed the crowd with fake 100 dollar “Sushi” bills, proceeding to hand them out and throw handfuls while the air vibrated with his clever lyrics about fame and success.

However, a flying fake money wasn’t the only surprise Allen had up his sleeve- throughout the 19 song set he managed to dodge balloons, famously throw a cake or two during “Cake Boy”, pop up and perform a song at the back of the sound booth, throw in a seconds-long Green Day cover, and raft across the crowd for “All My Friends”. One would think this would have to tire a person out, but Hoodie never faltered and kept the room dancing and energy high.

Along with playing many of his more recent songs, Hoodie also incorporated multiple earlier throwbacks throughout his set, fan favorites including “No Faith in Brooklyn” (off of All American, 2012) and “Two Lips” (Crew Cuts, 2013) made the cut and brought out nostalgia for all the long-time devotees.

In an age of cookie-cutter standards for artists and an ever-growing amount of rappers on the rise, Hoodie Allen stands out. His unique, New York attitude combined with an upbeat positivity and unconditional appreciation for his fans (as well as live shows full of excitement) make him and his sound entirely his own. Though he might occasionally fire a gun full of bills into the air, there’s no doubt that he’s not in the game for the money, but rather a love for what he does. His music pulls in listeners of all ages, encouraging them to stick to their roots and follow their dreams.


As the show ended in a shower of confetti, one look around the room would tell any onlooker that everyone in that space had had the time of their lives, and it’s safe to say that Milwaukee will be anxiously waiting for his cake-throwing, crowd-surfing return with baited breath.




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