AUDIO: Sharrod Sloans – “Catch Me Out” (Featuring Lil’ Fat) and “Back To The Pad”

When Sharrod Sloans’ “May Flowers” 1 & 2 dropped, there was hints from the artist formerly know as Pizzle that another installment might be on the way, even though the calendar had passed into June. While we didn’t get Part 3, we did recently get two previously unreleased, unmixed tracks this week. “Back To The Pad” and “Catch Me Out”, a collaboration with Lil’ Fat, popped up on Soundcloud, and both show the potential groundwork for what could have been “May Flowers Part 3”. It’s pretty well known that Sharrod Sloans has a good amount of work that might not see the light of day, but we’re glad that these two tracks made it to the surface. Check out both tracks below:

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