It’s an exciting time for San Fermin. The project of bandleader Ellis Ludwig-Leone is currently touring behind their third studio album, “Belong”, which included both a headlining gig at Summerfest as well as upcoming shows on Friday at The Empty Bottle in Chicago, and Saturday at Lollapalooza. The band will be taking the Lake Shore Stage on the 5th at 1:30, but we caught up with Ludwig-Leone beforehand to talk about the album and their upcoming set at the festival:

B&E: For those that haven’t seen San Fermin live, what should they expect?

ELL: It’s a big band! There are eight of us. Saxophone, trumpet, violin, two singers… there’s always something interesting happening onstage.

B&E:  You guys just put out a record earlier this year. What was the recording process like this time around?

ELL: It was fun because we know each other so well now. It was a lot easier for me to get the sounds I wanted, and for the band members to kind of put their stamp on the record.

B&E: If you had to pick, what is your favorite song on “Belong”?

ELL: I like the first song, “Open.” I wrote it from the perspective of my conscience, whispering to me that maybe I’m a bad person.

B&E:  What is more fun for you: playing big festivals, or being in the studio creating and recording?

ELL: Definitely creating and recording. That’s why I got into this, because I like making music. The festivals are just a fun bonus.

B&E: You guys are on tour through October. What’s next for San Fermin after that?

ELL: Who knows! Touring life is having your days scheduled down to the minute for six months and then having absolutely no idea past that. Probably more touring until next summer, perhaps on the East Coast.

B&E: Finally, what’s one non-essential thing that you always look for when you play festivals like Lollapalooza?

ELL: Back massages. Definitely back massages.

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