AUDIO: Christian Shebesta Featuring Alex Smith and Damiano Della Torre – “Sense of Time” (Premiere)

Nice FM’s presence in Milwaukee seems to be growing exponentially by the day, and that comes in part with collaborative efforts from within the collective, like their Nice Tribes series of singles. Today, we get to premiere the latest in the series, with Christian Shebesta’s “Sense of Time”, which features Alex Smith and Damiano Della Torre. You might also know Shebesta as Bubba, who previously took home the Miltown Beatdown title, live producing all of his tracks on stage. “Sense of Time” isn’t as hard hitting as some of those beats were, but maintains a hip hop feel to the percussion, and fits nicely within the rest of Nice FM’s sound catalog. Vocals from Della Torre lead the way, and helps create the perfect summertime-at-dusk atmosphere on the track. Check out “Sense of Time” below:

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  • I wish to keep this song on my computer or buy it as a
    c d. Love the voice of Damiano on it Lea

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