AUDIO: Edubbs – “Drop That Body”, “Frenzy”, and “Safe Summer”

Edubbs puts out music like it’s nobody’s business. That being said, it’s only fitting that he celebrated his birthday by dropping not one, but three new tracks. “Drop That Body” is a song made for shutting the party down, with plenty of bounce to it. The turn up gets even crazier when the beat switches up. “Frenzy” has a similar style to it, but feels more street oriented rather than club-ready. A feature from Maverick switches the style up, and this is the most lyrical of the three tracks. The third song, “Safe Summer”, has plenty of swagger to it, and a glistening beat from YahYah. On a mini EP of sorts, Edubbs shows that he can bring a few different flows to the table, and can hold his own with many Milwaukee emcees. Check out all three new tracks below.

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